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Our Services in Miami

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Property Management

We expertly care for your property while it is not in use  to ensure peace of mind.


Short-Term Rentals

We expertly handle every facet of holiday rentals to ensure stress-free hosting.

Our Service Area

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Miami Beach

North Beach

Mid Beach

South Beach

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Calisto Casa Care


Property Checks

Our team complete visual assessments of a property to evaluate its condition, identify any maintenance or repair issues.

Using Calisto is Rewarding

Earn Calisto Cash on every Purchase

Calisto CasaCare

Property Inspections: Our team conducts routine property inspections and post-storm inspections, promptly identifying and tending to maintenance requirements, guaranteeing your property's continuous optimal condition.

Cost Efficiency: Harnessing our extensive network and bargaining power, we secure maintenance services, repairs, and supplies at preferential rates, resulting in cost savings for our valued clients.

Flexibility: Calisto customizes our services to cater to individual preferences, presenting a range of management packages that align with your specific needs.

Peace of Mind: Rest easy as Calisto expertly manages your property, ensuring professional & efficient management for your peace of mind.

Property Management Experts: Entrust your properties to our experienced team, confident that your investments are in capable hands.

Time Savings: Reclaim your time by entrusting property-related tasks to our management experts, enabling you to focus on your life and investments.

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A concierge is available to answer your questions.

Calisto Casa Care

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Review Options

Reviewing our property management plans online offers the convenience of exploring a range of options from the comfort of your own home. This allows you to carefully assess and select the plan that aligns perfectly with your specific needs and objectives, ensuring a tailored and effective management solution for your property.